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Philosophy of Islamic Art

Islamic art is a mystical and marvelous selection of a geographical spread and various nations. Iranian art, as a part of Islamic art, has an influential role in the Islamic history and used to be the dominate art in many Islamic territories. The art was raised from believes, traditions, customs and life style of its inhabitants. Also, it always applies a symbolic language which shows philosophical truths governing the civilization of the ancient land of Iran. So expressing and understanding the whole aspects of such art need both historical analysis and philosophical and spiritual studyings.
Therefore, along with knowing about history and various styles of Islamic art works (exoteric approach), The Course of Philosophy of Islamic Art is an opportunity to get acquainted with cultural, religious and anthropological roots of them (esoteric approach or Hikmah) to understand the noble world of Islamic art.
The main programs are as following: holding theoretical and practical lessons, presenting various essays on Islamic Art, visiting museums and the great masterpieces of Islamic architecture, getting familiar with social and traditional culture of Iran through participating in religious festivals, performing Iranian traditional music and visiting Bazaars, mosques, religious centers etc.

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