About The Scientific Representative of I.R.I


The Scientific Representation of the Islamic Republic of Iran had been started the working since 1992, in the Russian federation. This office has been performed the affairs of Iranian citizens students in Russian federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

At present, Mr. Ahmad Gholami, a professor at the Iran University of Science and Technology, is the seventh head of the Scientific Representative of I.R.Iran in Russia & CIS.

This office is the representative of the following two ministries:

  • Ministry of Science, research and technology (MSRT)
  • Ministry of health and medical education

The Scientific Representation is following these scopes:

Founding and surfing the potentials and opportunities study in these countries.

Establishing of scientific ties and cooperation between universities and research centers of these countries and Iranian universities and research centers; 

Maintaining close ties with Iranian students, assisting them, monitoring the progress of students.

Professor Ahmad Gholami C.V